Exclusive ebook:
Why these 27 people started their businesses... and the advice they have for you

This ebook contains the stories I compiled for my personal inspiration. For a limited time, I decided to share this all for free.

All These Amazing People...

Ariel Adams

Ariel runs one of the most popular watch blogs in the world, providing watch reviews and watch buying guides.


John Michaloudis

John found a way to make use of the skills he picked up at work to create his own business, teaching excel online.


Rick Steves

If you travel to Europe, you definitely know Rick Steves. Rick shows you the nooks and crannies with his travel guides.


Mike Jackness

Mike was able to start and grow an ecommerce site selling adult coloring books rapidly in the first year of operations.


Mitch Bowler

Mitch brings affordable art classes to a wide audience worldwide for a low cost compared to formal education.


Brandon Pearce

As a music teacher himself, Brandon created a system to help other music teachers manage their business.


27 amazing stories... all in this one ebook.

Why this eBook?

The world is full of people who are unhappy with their day job (like me).

It is also full of stories of people who have found the way to escape the rat race.

I came across these stories when searching and reading, and decided to ASK these people for my personal inspiration.

I thought that others may be interested as well, so I put it into an ebook to share these stories.

Who am I?

I started compiling stories of people who escape their day jobs, because I'm trying to do the same thing. Let's learn from them together!

- Ray Tan

Let 2017 be Amazing

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