​Do you love playing Pokemon Go?

2016 was the year of the Pokemon craze.

While many of us were busy running around catching and hatching Pokemon, Nick created a massive following of Pokemon fans and a vibrant community around this one breakthrough game.

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About Trainer Tips

Nick caught on early on the Pokemon Craze, and created a massive YouTube following, creating daily Pokemon Go YouTube videos.

Yes you heard right - DAILY videos.

​Is there so much about Pokemon Go to have daily videos? Well apparently there is...

Nicholas Oyzon has been an avid Pokemon fan since the phenomenon started more than a decade ago.

When the Pokemon Go mobile game was released, he jumped on board and found himself in the midst of a world crazy about Pokemon.


YouTube Subscribers

~ 300,000
Views / video

Startup Story

Here's Nick's take on why he started Trainer Tips:

The idea for Trainer Tips was born shortly after the original announcement trailer for Pokémon GO. The game represented something that we had been hoping for since childhood - an opportunity for a real life Pokémon adventure. At the same time, it was also a promising business opportunity. Having worked in digital content creation for the last couple years, I understood the power of online video. We knew we weren't alone in our excitement over the game and predicted that there would be a large market for the type of content we aimed to produce.

Free and Engaging Content

So what makes his channel so popular?

What's there to show about Pokemon Go that as a fellow gamer, I don't already know?

Well, apparently, there's a whole lot.​

For starters:

  • ​Game updates: Each time Niantic puts up a new update (change of spawn, CP calculations), Nick is the first to jump on it and provide new updates
  • Stats and calculations: For the Pokemon Go geeks, he provides spreadsheets which shows the various stats (attack, defense, CP) of the various Pokemon. So you can better decide who to bring to battle.
  • Special events: Caught your Pikachu with a christmas hat? Got your daily incubators over the new year? Stay up to date with these through Nick's videos!
  • Other updates: He also provides updates of the launch of Pokemon Go plus, Apple Watch etc..
  • Q&A: He also has a Q&A section, where he answers questions that players have, such as "Are eggs determined based on where you pick it up, or where it hatched?"

A Loyal Audience

Before you dismiss Pokemon Go as a silly game and think that it does not have potential for earnings for content creators like Nick, here's a snapshot of a GoFundMe campaign that Nick started.

In this particular campaign, Nick wanted to raise $1,200 to fund a trip for a special Lapras Event in Japan.

For several days, Lapras (a rare Pokemon) will spawn frequently along the coastlines of the Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture, areas affected by the 2011 Tsunami.

Nick will then of course film his entire adventure, edit it and share it on his channel.

In 10 mins of the start of the GoFundMe campaign, he met his goal of $1,200 - to fund his airfare and accommodation.

By the time the campaign ended, he raised $18,935.​ (for you math geeks, that's 15.8x!)

Certainly not pocket change.

But Nick, being the good guy that he is, used the remainder of his funding and poured that back to help the local community hit by the 2011 tsunami.

How it Makes Money

YouTube Ads

Monthly Patreon income

Branded Merchandise

So you've seen the GoFundMe campaign that Nick did.

But that was a one-off.  There are other ways that support Nick financially in producing Pokemon Go videos.

YouTube Ads

One of the primary ways Nick is monetizing his content, is via YouTube ads.

I believe they typical run between 15 - 60 seconds before each video loads. Viewers have the option to skip some of the ads as well.

Here's an example of a YouTube ad running on one of his videos on mobile.

And hey, if you want to check out one of his videos, here's one of them of the Lapras event I talked about earlier.

Monthly Patreon Income

Another way Nick has learnt to reduce his reliance on YouTube ad income, is via Patreon.

How this works is people willingly contribute a certain amount of money each month to him.​

Here's what he says:

​The purpose of this Patreon campaign is simple - to reduce my dependence on ad revenue. To create a more direct relationship between myself, the creator of Trainer Tips content, and you, the viewers.

Right now, I get paid by AdSense based on how many people watch ads on my videos. Essentially, someone tries to sell things to my audience before every video they watch. That doesn't sit right with me. I would much rather have my income come directly from the people who enjoy my content, rather than some company trying to take advantage of our time spent together each day.

While some people may balk at the idea of paying for free content, it does take tremendous time and commitment to put out quality content day in and day out.

And from his campaign so far, it does seem that there are many who agree!​

Of course, it's purely optional and you're still free to watch his videos if you don't want to be a contribute.

Branded Merchandise

Nick also created an Online Store selling Trainer Tips branded merchandise.

So ​if you're an avid Trainer Tips fan, you can purchase some of his branded merchandise and wear them around in your Pokemon Go hunt!

Of course, he cleverly showcases his merchandise personally during his videos, and does create a sense of a community!​

How It Is Doing

It's hard to estimate the amount of revenue Nick makes from YouTube ads, but it's likely not to be pocket change, and he's able to fund a lifestyle of playing Pokemon Go daily and making videos.

After all, this is the average number of views each of his daily videos get currently:

300000 average views per video

And you've seen the snapshot of the Patreon income that Nick is earning (legitimately I must say) on a monthly basis. That's because people appreciate the work and the content that he creates.

Quote from Nick:

To anyone looking to achieve something similar, the most important factor in the success of Trainer Tips is foresight. If you see an opportunity ahead, lay the foundation now. Do the groundwork so that when the time comes, you're fully prepared to succeed.


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My Biggest Takeaways...

I started watching Trainer Tips because I was into playing Pokemon Go.

I was then impressed with the way Nick was able to build such a captivating audience, on a seemingly "small" subject to most people I speak with.​

From his story, I learnt never to underestimate the potential of your idea, and what you can do to build a thriving community.

I also appreciated that he was a pioneer and latched on to this idea even before it was officially launched.

So it's important to be prepared and do the groundwork ahead of time.​

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