The story of The Sartorialist, or Scott Schuman, is all about fashion and passion.

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About this Site

Walking down the streets of New York city at different times of the year, you'll inevitably be exposed to the wide ranging styles of teeming with self-identity.

The Sartorialist is a blog which showcases awesome and beautiful images of every day people, in every day fashion.

At a time when fashion was still mainly viewed from the lens of fashion magazines, Scott pioneered fashion photography in a blog format.

Scott Schuman, started his blog, The Sartoralist from 2005, taking and posting photos of street fashion in New York city.

From a one man show with a digital camera, he has created a following so large and kept up in times who gingerly await to view his photos.


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The Blog - where it all started

In 2005, after leaving a fashion sales position​ to take care of his daughter, Scott Schuman started taking pictures of people in New York city, and posting to his blog, The Sartorialist.

The blog quickly became a "go-to" place for fashion inspiration, by both every day readers and also those highest up in the fashion industry.

The images speak for themselves, capturing every day people, expression.. portraying both a dash of personal style and individual personality - a refreshing contrast to typical fashion shoots.

Here's a look at some photos from The Sartorialist's blog.

And whilst this blog started from New York, he has since posted pictures from other world cities like Florence, Paris etc.

It's always fascinating to see his work and be inspired.​

Beautiful Photos on Instagram and other platforms

In tune with the times, he naturally has evolved to other social platforms to share his photos as well, such as Instagram.

Notice the framing of the street scene, yet the subject stands out teeming with personality.

How it Makes Money

So yes, The Sartorialist takes great photos and created a big audience.

But how does he make a living out of it?

Advertisements & Engagements


Advertisements and Engagements

Due to the creativity and beauty of his pictures, Scott's work has been featured in fashion magazines like GQ, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris etc.

From the large audience The Sartorialist commands, he is able to get many engagement opportunities with the companies like Kiehl's, Burberry, Nespresso, DKNY Jeans etc..

He also appears in often in the press like the ones below.

Books & Publications

With all the beautiful photos that Scott captures, why not compile the best of them into photobooks?

I'm sure there will be people who will buy these books? Perhaps, as a coffee table book?

And that's exactly what Scott has done, producing several books from his collection of pictures.​

How It Is Doing

It's really difficult to gauge insights into how The Sartorialist is doing overall financially.

From the views on his website traffic alone, he indeed is commanding a large audience who is very engaged.

Fashion has no boundaries, it seems.

Out of the top 5 countries who visit his blog, 3 of them are non-English speaking countries, which are Japan, Germany and Poland.​

Quote from Scott:

Style as a concept has been hijacked to mean elite, refined and expensive when it should be thought of as a basic expression of life in much the same way as we all identify with music or speech.

Scott Schumann

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My Biggest Takeaways...

I've known about The Sartorialist from way back, and it's amazing to see how well it continues to do.

The breath of fresh air, providing us with daily style inspiration.​

Scott is the pioneer in showcasing fashion in a blog format. It has hence given rise to other fashion trends, like blogshops, indie designer-bloggers as well.

I think the coolest thing Scott did, is he had an idea, ran with it, and built a community around it.

And the fact that he continues to do this day in day out from 2005, is incredibly outstanding.​

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