As a watch enthusiast, I understand that part of the fun is in the purchase.

The other half of the fun is in the customizations.

And there's where watch straps come into play.​

I chanced upon his store when I was searching for 3rd party straps, and I must say he offers a wide selection.

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About this Site

StrapsCo is an ecommerce store dedicated to 3rd party watch straps.

To watch lovers who have a urge to customize their watch straps, it offers an instant relief and a lot of fun.

Martin Syrovatka started StrapCo in 2014, selling aftermarket watch straps.

On his store, he offers a wide range of watch straps for various brands (Breitling, Omega, IWC etc), and also straps of various materials (leather, NATO etc).


~ 77,800
Website Views / mth

Facebook Fans

Startup Story

Martin, the owner of StrapsCo, been a watch enthusiast for years.

He used to buy original replacement straps for his watches which were very expensive.

In 2012, Martin discovered the world of aftermarket watch straps and instantly became fascinated with the business and design end of this niche.

He saw that he could produce straps of similar quality and design and offer them at a fraction of the cost of original straps.

A few years later and StrapsCo is now working with some of the best manufacturers in the business and has thousands of different strap models available for sale.

How it Makes Money

3rd Party Watch Straps

It's fairly obvious that StrapsCo's main business is in selling aftermarket watch straps.

Shop by Watch Types

Customers can browse his store, and shop by the various strap categories and styles.

Shop by Watch Brands

There are many ways to shop for a strap at StrapsCo.

You can view straps by width (18mm, 20mm or larger widths).

Given that you probably stumbled onto his site​ looking for a good replacement strap for your luxury watch, yet don't want to pay name brand prizes, it's great that he offers OEM watch straps as alternatives.

So you can get your Panerai, Breitling look for less!​

Here's a zoom up of an Apple Watch replacement strap.

In dark red leather.​

Makes me want to go out and get an Apple Watch first. 😉

How It Is Doing

StrapsCo is definitely doing very well since it started in 2014.

Each month, it has an estimated 77,800 views on its online store.

That's REALLY GOOD for an ecommerce store!​

The majority of the traffic is still from the United States (presumably for easier/cheaper shipping).

But ​the rest of the world makes up for 40% - so that's not to be overlooked as well!

Customers are happy

Most importantly, the customers are LOVING their new straps.

I love how they send in photos of watches which are given a new life.

And the happy comments that they make!​

You can imagine, with products such as watch straps, once you are a happy customer, there's a good chance that you'll be a repeat customer and amass a number of straps over time!

Quote from Martin:

Advice for starting an e-commerce business:
- Pick your niche carefully
- Focus on building a brand
- Start the business in your spare time and don't quit your day job until the business is validated
- Be prepared to work hard and make sacrifices


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My Biggest Takeaways...

I'm personally excited when I go on StrapsCo page, because I love watches and tinkering.

From a business standpoint, I really like it that Martin offers a wide range of straps at an affordable price. It really hits the sweet spot for me.

​Martin's advice is also what I often feel - to start your business in your spare time and don't quit your day job until the business is validated.

This may mean late nights and long weekends - but surely a more balanced approach to starting a business.​

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