Hey, why are you here?

Maybe you’re just browsing the internet during work, and stumbled on this page.

Maybe your friend forwarded this site to you.

Well since you’re here, I’ve got a question for you…

Do your love your job?

If you do, congratulations!! I really envy you, and I firmly believe you belong to the lucky 5% of people who actually do.

And you can actually stop reading right here, because this site is probably not for you.

If you belong to the rest of the 95%, keep reading.

Why TiredofMyDayJob.com?

I started my working life in a fast paced consulting job, where I did really well, and was promoted rapidly.

In my 2nd job, at the age of 30, I was retrenched. I was asked to pack my things and leave on the spot.

Thankfully, I found another job on the day that I was retrenched. But these things got me thinking…

How much security is there in a job?

Also, I learnt over time that while I can do my job, and I currently have a good manager, I don’t truly love my job. In fact, on some days, I literally have to drag my feet to work every day.

What IF there is an alternate path?

So I started searching for an alternate path. With the goal of earning a sustainable income outside of a day job.

And I found that there are people out there, forging their own path, creating a sustainable income and being freed from the shackles of a job they do not enjoy.

And that’s what gave birth to this site. To document stories of real people who have created an alternative path, and many of whom are doing the things they love.

This is meant to inspire me, and hopefully it will inspire you as well.

Real People, Real Stories

Once a week, I’ll share with you an inspiring story of someone who has found an alternate path.

Stories like these:

Do you have a passion for something?

Effortless Gent was able to share his passion for fashion and bring it to the world. 

Are you a creative with great ideas?

Ugmonk turned his creativity into a business through unique tshirt designs!

Learnt something at work?

MyExcelOnline teaches Microsoft Excel to people online, turning his work skill into a business.

There are others who are just like you..

Pencil Kings created affordable and fun art classes to aspiring artists all around the world, at a price tag far more affordable than formal art lessons.

But but but… how do I start?

Here’s some advice these people have for you…

No one can take responsibility for your ideas and dreams but you. So just start. 


Hello Holiday

My only advice for someone looking to start something similar is to just start. If you have an idea and a unique viewpoint, write about it (or do a podcast, or make videos) and share your ideas. See if it resonates with anyone. You won’t know unless you try.


Effortless Gent

I started because, as cliche as it sounds, I wanted to be in charge of my destiny.


Charfish Design

If you really want to do something, the hardest part might just be starting… leaving your comfort zone – be that where you live, where you work, who you spend time with – in favor of doing something new.  But… for those who really do have the calling to create and bring something new to the world – be it a business, a new product, an initiative – the thought of living a life unrealized is something I shudder to think about.


Pencil Kings

The best thing you can do is START NOW…

Often, we think “oh I can’t do it, because I can’t code, I don’t know how to set things up..”

In reality, all the so-called “technical roadblocks” aren’t real. It really isn’t. So many of these people who have “done it” aren’t technical, and didn’t have experience when they started.

Over and over again.. if you ask them, they say the same thing.. JUST START…

Start a Website / Blog

 Thousands of people have figured out how to run a profitable blog. And starting just takes 4 mins.. if you follow along here. No coding required!

Start an Ecommerce Store

It’s never been easier (or cheaper) to start your own Ecommerce store to sell products online! You don’t even need a programmer!

Don’t have an idea yet? Not sure where to start?

That’s ok. The easiest way is to join the community here. I’ll share with you awesome stories and tips to get you started.