Do you belong to a religion?

In our current day ​and age, a great online and media presence is ever more important for churches and religious groups for attracting and keeping followers.

How do churches keep up?

That's what Brady and Pro Church Tools help with. 

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About this Site

Pro Church Tools provide churches with the tools, ideas and media direction on how churches can craft a clear, compiling image and message in all their church communications.

Brady Shearer, when he was age 22, after helping out his church with digital media, identified a real need all churches have and filled that need with this amazing business idea.


Facebook Fans

Recurring Revenue

Startup Story

When I was a sophomore in college I joined my church on staff as Media Director. I had never picked up a camera. I had never designed a website. I was definitely not a social media guru. But my church believed in me. I learned these skills from scratch. So can you.

In this capacity, he learnt all the digital skills by reading online, watching tutorials, and piecing each of them together.

Then, people in his church started asking "how do we do what you do"?

He thought "Well, I didn't know how to do that earlier, I just learnt and put it all together."

Then an idea hit, where he could create a training resource specially catered towards churches.

Then in 2012, when he was 22 when he created Pro Church Tools to help out other churches with their media.

When he launched the business, he was full time in bible college, newly married, and was on staff at his church.

So he started with the discipline of waking up at 5am every day, and from 5-8am every day, he worked on the business.

A Ton of Free Content as Blogposts

On his website, he provides an amazing trove of blogposts related to digital media such as:

  • Best Church Websites
  • Social Media for Churches
  • ​Best Video Cameras for Churches
  • What Churches need to know about Millennials

Pro Church Podcast

Brady also manages a podcast called "Pro Church Podcast", where he interviews other church leaders and gives free advice on how to effectively run their churches.

The contents of the podcast again relates mostly to digital media for churches.​

How it Makes Money

While 90% of the content Pro Church Tools publishes is completely free, Pro Church Tools does have several areas where their premium content and outsourcing create continuous revenue streams.

Church Graphics Handbook

ProChurch Academy

Pro Video Announcements

The products from Pro Church Tools change from time to time, but here are some of the ones I noticed.

Church Graphics Handbook

This was one of the products which is "entry level", as people who are interested can purchase the ebook and watch some video tutorials to learn how to produce church graphics.

Pro Church Academy (Membership Site)

One of the pillars of Pro Church Tools is Pro Church Academy.

It is a membership site for church members who want to learn to make the church more noticed by their followers through digital marketing.

It covers the following with in depth tutorials:

  • Church Communications
  • Church Videos
  • Church Website Design
  • Church Graphic Design

Pro Church Academy is not opened throughout the year, and there's a waiting list to join where they will open up for enrolment.

When I last checked, membership is $37 per month​.

And at one point in time, Pro Church Academy was generating monthly recurring revenue of $25,865 per month.

Pro Video Announcements (Membership)

Another key pillar of Pro Church Tools is Pro Video Announcements.

The idea of it is simply outsourcing.

Many churches have to produce video announcements and graphics every ​week, 52 weeks a year.

Instead of hiring a qualified, full time staff to do this, Brady's solution is simply to outsource to his team of experts who will do it for you!

Depending on your needs, you select 1 or a combination of these services:

  • Weekly Video Announcements
  • Monthly Sermon Bumpers
  • Unlimited Title Graphics

At time of writing, they have 125 churches signed up to this service.

Without knowing the breakdown of packages, even 125 x $397 = ​$49,625 per month

How It Is Doing

The banner below is shown on the homepage. The numbers have grown significantly since then.

In terms of traffic, Pro Church Tools receive a steady traffic, month over month.

Currently, it sits at 65,800 visits last month.​

The traffic it receives is overwhelmingly from the US, and the 2nd largest country is Canada.

One of the most important metric of course is revenue.

From various sources online, the revenue received for the below 2 products is estimated.

ProChurch Academy

$ 25864 per month (estimated)

Pro Video Announcements

$ 49625 per month (estimated)

That's excluding any other one off products, just monthly recurring revenue!

I think Pro Church Tools is tremendously amazing in what it has been able to achieve in its niche.

Quote from Brady:

I started Pro Church Tools while in college. I would wake up at 5AM every morning to work on my business before driving my wife to work and heading off to school. The biggest advice I can give is to work hard for a narrow audience. Serve a small group of people and become a trusted authority.

Brady Shearer

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My Biggest Takeaways...

This story is particularly compelling for me when I think about ideas and possibilities.

I mean, when I think of churches, I think of non-profit, and would not have thought of business opportunities.

At the same time, what Brady and Pro Church Tools does is providing REAL VALUE to these churches, who otherwise don't have a clue on how to improve their church communications.

From the traffic and revenue results he receives, we can see that he is doing something really right!

I also learnt that we can truly take a deep look at our personal experience, and identify ways that a business can be created.

Sometimes, the best opportunities are never discovered by others because it's an insider knowledge, and only a small group of people like yourself are in the know!​

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