Have you heard about or tried a Paleo Diet?

It's also nicknamed the "Caveman Diet".

Definition: a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and excluding dairy or cereal products and processed food.

People who have embarked on the Paleo Diet are usually those who grew tired of the damaging effects of the modern diet of sodas and fast food.

But how does one learn about Paleo and get started?

That's where Jason comes in with Paleo Plan.​

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About this Site

PaleoPlan is a website and a membership site dedicated to providing all information relating to living the Paleo Diet.

Jason Glaspey, who got into CrossFit and the Paleo Diet years ago, realised a gap in the market.

He created Paleo Plan to help others get started with Paleo Diet​, and benefited from creating a one-stop resource for a trend that was developing.


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Startup Story

Jason and his wife got into CrossFit one day, and the popular Paleo Diet that CrossFitters were into.

He tried to learn everything about it, and found the diet confusing with many conflicting rules.

It took him 2-3 hours a week just to research and figure out what to buy and eat.​

That prompted him to create Paleo Plan - a site that provides simple meal plans, shopping lists, and easy at-home workouts for a monthly subscription fee.

Jason spent 3 weeks putting the site together.

After the site started gaining attention and a year and a half later, Jason was able to quit his freelancing to do Paleo Plan full time.

Free Articles

On the website itself, it is choke full of free information relating to Paleo to help people get started.

Free Paleo Recipes

Probably the most important part of Paleo, is switching from a typical diet to a Paleo one.

But how does one get started?

It's one thing to read about Paleo Diet, but another to have someone to handhold you with step by step instructions.

That's where the Paleo Recipes come in - free suggestions and how to go about making them!​

How it Makes Money

While Paleo Plan provides many free, useful tips for would be Paleo Dieters to get started, it also provides premium content via a membership model.

Paleo Meal Plans

Paleo E-Books

Paleo Fit Workouts

Paleo Meal Plans

Paleo Meal Plans are the core of the Paleo Plan site.

Knowing what ingredients are Paleo, where and what to buy, how to put together meals​ are the most important part to starting and sticking with a Paleo Diet.

Paleo E-books

Starting a Paleo Diet can be confusing to newbies.

Where you're interested to read and learn more about ​getting started with Paleo, you can also purchase the Quickstart Guide for a one time fee.

Paleo Fit Workouts

Remember how Paleo Plan was a diet popular among CrossFitters?

Presumably, people interested in the Paleo Diet are also interested in health, exercise to look and feel good.​

That's where Paleo Fit comes in, and dieters can also follow the workout plan to couple the workouts with the diet!

How It Is Doing

Paleo Plan has been around since 2009, and pulls about 168,000 visitors per month!

That's a lot for people who are just looking forward in one specific area - Paleo!

The majority of traffic comes from the US (about 70%).

UK and Canada are the next largest source of traffic.​

Happy Customers

One of the best gauge of success are what your customers think of you.

​Having moved to a healthier diet myself this year, I can totally see the effects a positive diet change does to the body and mind!

And looks like the beneficiaries of Paleo Plan customers agree as well!

Also, Jason has since sold a majority stake in the Paleo Plan site.​

Quote from Jason:

I really just focused on, hey, everyone who is trying to eat Paleo is asking the same questions; What meals do I eat tomorrow, and what do I need to buy at the store to make that easy, and simple and fast.

Jason Glaspey

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My Biggest Takeaways...

There are 2 things that I love about Paleo Plan.

1. - Being especially health conscious this year and having taken steps to improve my personal health, I love how Paleo Plan drives positive change to a person's well being.

2. - ​The best ideas are those created to satisfy your own need.

Given how Paleo has such positive effects, and how information wasn't readily available, ​it was timely and smart that Jason jumped into this trend and created a business out of it.

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