Have you taken music lessons before?

I did when I was young, and you know how music teachers always have many students and time slots.

Wonder how some of them cope with the administration?

Turns out, an ex-music teacher created a good solution for the time-consuming administration.​

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About this Site

Music Teachers' Helper is an online software service, that helps music teachers manage their business.

It alleviates the painful and time consuming administrative tasks, so they can focus on what they do best - teaching.

Brandon Pierce was a piano teacher who was frustrated how he managed payments and lesson schedules.

After creating a solution to his own problem, he opened up this solution and created a million dollar business from it.


~ $1,000,000 Revenue / year

Facebook Fans

Startup Story

Here's the story of Brandon Pierce and Music Teacher's Helper:

What inspired me to start Music Teacher's Helper was that I was a piano teacher myself, and I wanted to find a more efficient way to keep track of my payments and lesson schedules.
There was no good software out for this at the time (this was 2003), so I wrote a little program myself to help my manage it.
I didn't even think about turning it into a business and selling it until a friend suggested it months later.

Some of the problems music teachers may experience include:

  • Time consuming to manage student lessons individually (taking phone calls/texts to manually rearrange schedules)
  • ​Keeping track if students have paid for the lessons (and if they didn't, reminding them to do so!)
  • Remembering the progress for each of the students

How it Makes Money

Music Teacher's Helper is a online software solution that provides the following:

Online Software Solution


  • Track Income & Expenses
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Financial Reports
  • Other Billing Features


  • Live Calendar
  • Automatic Lesson Reminders
  • Track Lessons Progress
  • Lending Library
  • Other Lessons Features


  • Professional Designed Themes
  • File Upload Area
  • Mass Email Your Students
  • Studio Announcements
  • Other Website Features

There's a lot going on at Music Teacher's Helper, so the best way you can learn more about it is by either checking out this short video below or visiting the site here.

Monthly or Yearly Subscription Plans

By creating an online software that alleviates all the pain points a music teacher experiences, Brandon has a really targeted, highly beneficial product to this niche!

This includes an easy to manage website system (you can imagine some music teachers would struggle with technology).

By charging a low monthly fee, Brandon is able to obtain recurring revenue every month!

Studio Helper (Related Business)

As an additional related business, for music companies with multiple music teachers (instead of individual independent teachers), Studio Helper provides similar benefits to music companies.

With both Music Teacher's Helper (for individuals) and Studio Helper (for music companies), Brandon is really able to use one idea and provide 2 solutions to these 2 groups.

Really smart!​

How It Is Doing

WOW... Where do I even start?

Revenue & Team

Music Teacher's Helper is grossing about this amount per year:

$ 1000000 Revenue / year

Brandon has a remote team of 20 people helping him to run it.

That's really something!

He has about 88,300 page views per month, and each visitor spends on average more than 5 mins on the site.

That's probably most of the music teachers logging in to access the software and manage their billings/students!​

Music Teacher's Helper is predominantly US (75% of traffic).

However, they do have visitors from Canada and United Kingdom as well.

So the business might be diversifying geographically as well!​

Raving Testimonials

The satisfaction level of his customers (the music teachers themselves) is off the charts!

Music teachers truly appreciate to outsource the difficult and time consuming tasks for a small fee per month.

And they can focus on their love, passion and skill - teaching music to others.

Financial Freedom

With the great success Brandon has achieved, he is truly financially free.

Being financially free also gives him other types of freedom.​

For example, for the past seven years, he has been traveling the world with his wife and three daughters to over 32 countries.

That's both impressive and inspiring!

Quote from Brandon:

My advice to someone who wants to do something similar would be to find something you're passionate about creating, or people you're excited about serving, and diligently and persistently get to work. Don't create a business just for the money. You'll burn out! (If you even make it to launch.) Your heart has to be in it, or it's not worth it

Brandon Pierce

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My Biggest Takeaways...

I really like how the story of Brandon unfolded.

He created a solution to HIS own problem, without even thinking of starting a business.

Realizing the solution to his problem is also the solution to others', by opening up his software, he had a big group of people who resonated with him.

Being able to be financially free and live anywhere in the world is just INCREDIBLE.​

I wish that I would be able to emulate on his success and live a dream life as well - living life on my own terms.

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