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Do you know much it cost Jeff Bezos to build Amazon in 1994?

Hello Entrepreneur!

Let me ask you a few questions.

Here's an extract from an interview with Jeff Bezos, from the Academy of Achievements:

“The first initial start-up capital for Amazon.com came primarily from my parents, and they invested a large fraction of their life savings in what became Amazon.com. And you know, that was a very bold and trusting thing for them to do because they didn’t know. My dad’s first question was, “What’s the Internet?” Okay. So he wasn’t making a bet on this company or this concept. He was making a bet on his son, as was my mother. So, I told them that I thought there was a 70 percent chance that they would lose their whole investment, which was a few hundred thousand dollars, and they did it anyway.”

Fastforward to today, thanks to Jeff Bezos and numerous ecommerce businesses, it no longer takes hundreds of thousands to start an ecommerce business.

And technology is no longer the key stumbling block for most of us.

In fact, it only costs $29/mth.​

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- Ray Tan​