We're all accustomed to getting medicine from the pharmacist or visiting a doctor when we are sick.

Ever considered - how good actually are all these synthetic drugs for you​?

While antibiotics attack and destroy the bacteria in your body, they too annihilate the healthy bacteria (gut flora) in your digestive track.

Once you are open to the world of natural healing and see success as I do, there is no turning back.

And my biggest online health mentor in this area is Dr Josh Axe.

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About this Site

DrAxe.com is a website dedicated to providing all natural health tip and articles relating to Natural Remedies, Healthy Recipes and other health recommendations like essential oils.

Dr Josh Axe is a certified doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic and clinical nutritionist.

He runs the second-most visited natural health website in the world​, helping people like you and me for all information regarding natural health.


~ 13,400,000
Website Views / mth

Revenue in 2015

Startup Story

When Dr Axe was 13 years old, his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

And because she was a gym teacher, swim instructor and an active mom who looked healthy, it was unfathomable why she had cancer​.

She went through chemo, aged 20 years in 2 weeks, and after pressing on with the treatments for months, she was diagnosed cancer free and healthy.

Even so, she struggled with chronic fatigue, depression, constipation and was sick all the time. All of this for the next 10 years.

As Dr Axe grew up and studied natural medicine, one day, he received a call from her.

She’d just been told by her doctor that they found a 2.5 cm mass on her lungs, and from the scan, they believed it was cancer and they were recommending surgery and radiation,

Instead of going back to the traditional route, she decided to follow his advice and take a natural approach.

She went back for a checkup four months later, and to the doctor’s amazement, the tumors had shrunk in half. One year later the tumors were completely gone!

Amidst getting into the world of natural medicine, helping his patients and healing his mom from cancer with his natural methods, he also created an authoritative website dedicated to sharing all his knowledge with the world.

Detailed Articles on All Things Natural Health

His site is full of articles that cater to common health syndromes that many of us face, often unknowingly.

From his articles, I've learnt to heal my leaky gut, combat candida overgrowth and generally change to a healthier diet.​

I've come to realise that antibiotics are my health's enemy, and carefully making food choices have made me healthier that I've ever been all my life.​

I've also learnt all about essential oils and how they are a potent, healthy way to naturally aid our body from poor health conditions.

Treasure Trove on Natural Remedies

I absolutely love his section on natural remedies, as it's often here that I keep coming back to whenever I face certain health syndromes.

More often than not, I get to understand the underlying reasons for that health condition, and treat it with natural methods instead of chemically produced drugs.​

Healthy Recipes - Eat Right and Stay Healthy!

Staying healthy is more than just reactive remedying of symptoms.

Proactively improving your diet could be the most profound ​positive change you can make to your health!

There's a ton of ​healthy recipes that you can adopt from his site as well.

Infographics to Help You Remember the Health Tips

Dr Axe's articles are IN DEPTH.

They usually explain the rationale behind conditions, what traditional medicine does to us, what uses and benefits of various natural health methods.

How does one remember all this?

He also adds value by producing a ton of infographics so you can always pin to your Pinterest or save locally to refer to​.

Free Training via Webinars

Prefer a more interactive way of learning?

Dr Axe also holds webinars to educate people ​on various health topics.


Facebook Live Discussions

He also has an active community on Facebook and other social media channels.

Facebook Live is the latest thing he is doing, engaging in live discussions with his Facebook audience.​

How it Makes Money

WHOA! Let's take a chill pill (pun intended).

With all these FREE information Dr Axe provides, does he make any money at all?​

Health Products

Training Programs

Affiliate Revenue

Health Products - Supplements, Essential Oils & more

As more and more readers read and trust the information Dr Axe produces, I repeatedly see them asking "where can I buy (insert product)?"

So it made sense for Dr Axe to put together his own ecommerce store, so his fans can ​purchase products directly from him.

And Dr Axe takes utmost care in partnering with like minded industry natural health people to create his bone broth proteins, Numa brand of essential oils etc.

You can also visit Dr Axe's store with this referral link here to get $20 off your first purchase.

Online Training Programs

There is just SO MUCH you can learn just through his blogposts.

Some people, however, prefer a "hold my hand"​ type of training for the fastest way to learn.

Dr Axe offers them by ​holding paid online training programs.

Among his training programs, include:

  • Healing Leaky Gut
  • Essential Oil Transformation
  • The Adrenal Cortisol Solution
  • Burstfit Metabolism Takeover

Affiliate Revenue - Income from Sharing Others' Products

Before creating his own brand of products, Dr Axe also routinely refers people to other great products like Garden of Life's whole food based vitamins.

That's just a simple WIN-WIN - since often, the health advice comes together with products.

Dr Axe does have very high standards, and will never recommend something he does not personally believe in.

That's also how he continually grows and engages with his audience who love and trust his advice.​

How It Is Doing

One word - AMAZING.

He has one of the highest traffic for a website/blog that I've ever seen. (I probably account for half of them :P)

13400000 website visits / month

About 60% of the traffic comes from the US.

But health advice crosses all geographical boundaries, and he also has a lot of traffic from other English speaking countries.​

Revenue Figures

Axe Wellness grossed the following figures in 2015. (source)

$ 11600000 revenue in 2015

He truly deserves his success for what he has helped move humanity forward in the area of natural healing.

Quote from Dr Axe:

Food is Medicine!

Dr Axe

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My Biggest Takeaways...

I'm probably one of Dr Axe's greatest fans, frequently sharing his articles to friends and families who need help.

By focusing on producing the highest quality content and health advice, he is the de facto source for a lot of people.

I also love how he monetises his site through health products and training programs - all geared towards further helping his readers.

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