How to Create & Sell Online Courses

Hey, you've probably stumbled upon this page to learn more about creating online courses.

There's a ton of questions regarding online courses, including why do it, and how to do it (the technical aspects).

That's what this page is for, to provide answers to all these questions.

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Why Create & Sell Online Course?

If you've hear about other people creating and selling online courses, you might wonder how they do it, and if you could do the same.

So why create and sell courses in the first place?

You Are an Expert

Not at everything, of course. But there must be something that you know much better than every one else. And for everything which you're good at today, there is someone learning to do so.

Deliver High Value

A course is perceived to be high value to the recipients. Because the students are typically trying to learn something new to achieve a goal, and a course takes the student from Point A to Point B step by step.

Easy to Create Content

It is surprisingly easy to put together the contents of an Online Course . Typically, it involves:

Writing Content

You may list instructions and detailed steps and explanations, right within your course pages.

Making Presentations & Videos (optional)

You'll want to "walkthrough" your students, either through presentations or video demonstrations.

Providing Downloads

You may want to create and providing downloadable content like workbooks, slides etc so people can follow you on your course.

A Smart Business

And of course, selling online courses can be a lucrative business, and a really smart one, because you create the content once and deliver them automatically for unlimited times to your students!

Examples of Real People Who Sell Online Courses

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Requirements of an Online Course

To have ANY type of website, the basic requirements are as follows:


A webhost is a company from which you rent a "space" online. This space is used to store your website, and served up to your website visitors 24/7.


You'll need to choose your website platform. There are numerous platforms out there, but I'll also share my most recommended with you.

To successfully run Online Courses, at the basic level, your platform must be able to do the following:

Protect Content & Downloads

For all the hard work you put into your content, you'll only want to provide them to your paid customers! Protect content and downloads!

Accept Payment Securely

To charge customers for your courses, you of course need a method to receive payment! Make sure you get paid!

Stream Videos

While videos are optional, they are really engaging as a learning method for your customers!

Sales Page

You'll need dedicated sales pages for each of your courses to explain what your course is about, and encourage sign ups.

Course Pages

Your course probably consists of several modules and lessons. You'll need to break up the course content and make it easy to navigate.

Integrate Your Email Provider

You'll want to integrate the sign up process and course delivery with your email service provider. That way, you differentiate your prospects from your customers!

In fact, the above is really difficult to do.

If you try to put up a website and integrate the above, you'll almost certainly spend all your time pulling your hair out, and not get a single step further to putting up your course.

That's also why I'll certainly recommend you to go for a "hosted solution", which is an "all-in-one, all made for you" solution instead, so you can focus on creating and selling your courses, and not worry about the logistics and technology involved..

The platform that I highly recommend for creating your online courses is Thinkific.

With Thinkific, you can easily create courses that are structured, easy to follow, and look good on all devices.

Creating course content with Thinkific is a breeze.

Need to add videos, presentations, downloads? Simply drag and drop content and Thinkific will take care of all the hosting and delivery for you.​

Thinkific is also highly scalable with these advanced features for future proofing and profitability!

Charge Recurring or One-Off Fees

You can choose to charge a one-off fee per course, or a recurring subscription!

Course Upsells

Easily upsell to your students to maximize the lifetime value of each student!

Drip Content

Schedule content which slowly releases over time (based on student sign up date) with automated emails to keep them returning to your courses.

You may not need these when you start, but you want to start right and make sure that the platform that you use is scalable!

Examples of Thinkific Users

John Michaloudis of MyExcelOnline 

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Setting Up Teachable

Teachable is dead simple to set up, and reduces all the complicated processes mentioned above to a few simple steps.

Make sure you watch the video below.​

Take Action Today

Look, if you want to start an Online Course, and have been hesitating because you've been thinking that it takes a lot of steps to set up the website, the course content, don't hesitate any further, because anyone can simply create Online Courses with Teachable.

To make it real easy for you, Teachable doesn't even charge anything until you make your first sale, so you should just go into the system, create a free account and see if this works for you.

You don't even need to have content for your courses yet. Simply sign up for a free account to get acquainted with the Teachable system.

You also don't need a web address yet. You can always add that later if you choose to.

The world rewards action takers, so get started with your free account right now.​