Do you like to drink coffee?

Have you ever tried specialty coffee?

Well, it changed the life for one guy, because it inspired him to create a business around it.​

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About this Site

For the uninitiated, coffee is just coffee.

To true coffee connoisseurs however, specialty coffee is just like fine wine, except that it's coffee.

And that's what Craft & Mason is all about - bringing specialty coffee to people. 

Craft and Mason Coffee is a small roasting company out of Lansing, Michigan

Jeremy Mason, together with Eric Craft, started Craft and Mason after having his first experience of specialty coffee.

From knowing nothing about specialty coffee to experimenting in his home, he has hence started Craft and Mason dedicated to delivering great coffee to people.


Doubling Business each year

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Startup Story

Jeremy's story started innocently, and rather unintentionally.

He was at a beerfest called Darkwood Day. Not a craft beer fan himself, he made his way to a small cart in a parking lot, and ordered a cappucino.

It tasted like no other coffee he has tasted before, and that started his investigative quest to find out what made this cup of coffee so special and different.

​Like a true hobbyist who latched onto a new idea, he started asking questions.

Questions like:

  • "Who else does this?"
  • "What's different about these guys?"
  • "How are they sourcing the beans?"
  • "Are they roasting the coffee themselves?"​

He then found a site (Sweet Maria's) that catered to home roasters, which sold specialty coffee in small amounts.

So he made his way and procured a popcorn roaster, and started roasting in his home.

And keeping his day job, he started Craft and Mason with another business partner, Eric Craft.​

How it Makes Money

Coffee, duh!

Coffee Subscription

Well, Coffee of course!

But not just any coffee, but specialty coffee that differentiates Craft & Mason from other companies.

Like true connoisseurs, you get to pick and choose your coffee based on Elevation, Varietal, Region and Process.

There are some people that know exactly what they’re looking for. They want an Ethiopian that’s washed, processed, that was grown at 2,000 meters, and when they pick it up, they know what that means.​

Coffee Subscription Business

What's better than selling packets of coffee?

It's selling it in a smart way.​

Some people say: “I really love your coffee, but I’m not going to remember to get on and order it every two weeks, or every month, or whatever it is. I’d love to be able to just make the purchase and then, have it delivered without thinking about it.”

And that's exactly what Craft & Mason did.

How It Is Doing

From a small hobby, it became a real business and grew year on year.

We started pretty small, but we doubled the second year, and we’re on pace to double this year again.

Challenges Faced

Not everything is smooth sailing always, and Craft & Mason does have its challenges.

"What is specialty coffee?"

One of it is for would be customers to experience specialty coffee.

It's a matter of "if you don't try it, you won't know it"​

In addition, starting this from an interest and doing it from home, means you got to juggle both your day job and your "night job"  at the same time.

While the challenge of time is real, I do notice many successful businesses adopting this model, and it's just a practical way of going about a new idea.

Quote from Jeremy:

Should you quit your day job is a great question. I think a lot of times, that’s another thing, first year, if you don’t have to quit your day job, keep it, because one of the biggest things your going to need is money.

Jeremy Mason

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My Biggest Takeaways...

It only takes one moment of inspiration to gain an idea and do something.

And these days, it's never been easier to start something small in your own home, experiment it, sell it online as opposed to having a physical store.​

It doesn't require you to quit your day job, and you can just do this on the side for starters.

And I just LOVE the way they have a coffee subscription business.

It's convenient for customers, and is particularly great for the business owner who doesn't have to worry about month to month sales.

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