Have you heard of "adult coloring books"?

Think this is a narrow niche?

Think again, because it turns out that there's a massive audience of people online who would pay for such a product from Color It.

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About this Site

Color It is an ecommerce site dedicated to selling adult coloring books and related products, like colored pencils.

Mike Jackness​ is a veteran in the online world and particularly in ecommerce, with Color It being the 4th ecommerce store he ran.

With great experience in online marketing, he was able to take his new ecommerce business, Color It, to a 7 figure business in just one year.


~ 143,200
Website Views / mth

Facebook Fans

Startup Story

It's hard to describe the story of Color It, given that Mike has started/purchased and ran numerous businesses before that (like Treadmill.com, CuttingBoard.com, IceWraps.com).

So one day, he was sharing with his cousins the power of Amazon and ecommerce since he was very passionate about business and wanted to share with them this "world".

Then one fine day, ​he received a call from his cousin with the idea of selling "adult coloring books".

He honestly thought that this was the silliest idea he ever heard.​

But he popped search terms relating to "adult coloring books" in Google, Amazon​, and noticed that the interest over time is EXPLODING!

The rest is about doubling down on this idea, and pour all his previous experience he has gained into this.

And having co-founded this business with his cousin, Erika, she remains the face of the business as customers (predominantly female) will connect better with her.

For the full story, check out this post here.

How it Makes Money

By now, it's pretty clear that it being an ecommerce store, Color It is all about selling self-branded products - adult coloring books and related products like coloring pencils etc.

Adult Coloring Books & Related Products

Adult Coloring Books

The great thing about ColorIt's coloring books are 2 fold:

  1. They are premium products: Not any basic, cheap coloring books, but amazing designs printed on high quality paper. Customers tell the difference when they use the product
  2. They are self-branded: So this is not a simple buy and resell model of other peoples' products, but actually caring about the product quality and making sure it's awesome every step of the way.

And here's a closer look at one of the coloring books.

On every product page, they make sure to emphasize the quality of the paper, binding, design - and differentiate themselves from generic coloring books out there.

And here's a look at the amazing community contributed images that are each of his product pages by the happy customers.

Pretty awesome right?​

Coloring Books Related Products

Since Color It sells adult coloring books, it makes total sense to sell related products.

Well, Colored Pencils of course!

And Color It cleverly utilizes giveaways to further grow the community and interest in the Color It brand​.

How It Is Doing

From following ColorIt's growth through various podcasts, I can see that ColorIt was having 20+% growth month on month for many months in its first year!

I don't have the exact figures, but an estimate of it's first year of operations (7 figures!).

> $ 2500000 in the first year

The community around adult coloring books that its built is phenomenal!

Check out the raving testimonials:

For Christmas, Color It also ran a promotion for the 12 days of Christmas, and again, from the podcast, was doing exceedingly well.

From a traffic standpoint, it is drawing 143,200 visits to the site the last I checked.

It seems from the stats that majority of the business and website traffic is coming from the U.S.

This, I believe, is because Mike targets a certain demographic segment in the U.S. specifically.

While ColorIt does ship internationally, I believe it's not a focus currently.

So quite possibly, ColorIt will continue to grow by leaps and bounds if it chooses to market to beyond the U.S. market.​

Also, the glowing ​reviews from the community shows that this isn't a one-off purchase for most people.

It's safe to say ​he has identified a relatively under served market in adult coloring books, and doubled down on it and created a great success story.

Quote from Mike:

Keeping our eye on quality and service, as the utmost important aspect of ColorIt, has allowed us to grow at a rate unprecedented in ecommerce. It’s flattering having a contingent of loyal ColorIt fans that help us spread the word.

Mike Jackness

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My Biggest Takeaways...

Mike is a veteran, and I truly enjoy watching his success from the sidelines.

This is one of my favorite stories, because he chose a seemingly "boring" niche, and through intelligent marketing and hard work, created a community around a tight niche.

I also love it that he is methodologically focused on improving his business, onboarding prospects through email and engaging his customers.​

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