Stylish clothing with a personality.

That's what I would describe Black Milk Clothing.

​What if I told you this was started by someone who didn't even know how to sew?

Now you know this is going to be an awesome story.

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About this Site

Black Milk Clothing is a multi-million dollar ecommerce site selling female clothing online.

It was started by selling custom leggings with a personality. It has now evolved to a global ecommerce giant.

James Lillis, without knowing how to sew, set out to cut and sew his first piece of leggings.

One thing led to another, and he is now the owner of a multi million dollar ecommerce empire.


~ 220,000
Website Views / mth

Facebook Fans

Startup Story

The startup story of Black Milk Clothing is both random and amazing...

I was broke and working odd jobs here and there in order to achieve my financial goals, which included such grand ambitions such as...paying rent. And buying noodles

Then one day when I was unusually bored, I decided that I wanted to do something…with my hands. I bought a sewing machine.

Of course, being broke I couldn't afford a sewing machine, so I took my CDplayer to the local pawnshop and got a little cash for it.

The first garment I sewed was for myself. It was a tight shirt that consisted of four pieces of nylon lining, all stitched together by someone who clearly had no idea how to sew. It was way too short, cut completely wrong, and had a neckline that was nothing more than a hole. It was tragic. And I LOVED it.

.... to be continued in this ebook I compiled.

Humble Beginnings

Once James figured how how to cut and sew some cloth together, he put together his first pair of leggings from a tribal African print.

He asked a friend's friend to model for him. 

And then something amazing happened.

She asked if she could buy them.

So this one customer gave him HOPE.

He started blogging about his leggings online.. and girls would find and email him, asking if he could buy them.

One thing led to another, and James is no longer making ends meet, or just selling on his blog.

How it Makes Money

Leggings & Other Women Clothing

Stunning LEGGINGS with Personality

Well Black Milk Clothing started with a focus on leggings.

I really love how these leggings have such great personality with great prints.

Star Wars? Ironman? Space?

Kinda makes me want to wear them (I'm kidding, guys don't wear leggings... or do they?)​

Ladies, go get yourself a pair.​

Expanded to Other Types of Clothing

They have really grew upon their success and extended themselves to other lines of clothing.

This includes tops, dresses, activewear, accessories.. the whole works.

Check out this artisty print of Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh) dress.

How It Is Doing

I exceptionally love the fact that it's created an AMAZING audience of people who love his work.

Ladies dressing up in the prints, hashtagging and showcasing the products.

And James is really smart to leverage on that on his product pages.

Makes it so much easier when his happy customers are doing the selling for him!​

From a traffic point of view, he has a ton of people visiting his ecommerce store every month!

220000 views / mth

And even though Black Milk Clothing started from Australia, more than one-third of his visitors now come from the US!

Other English speaking countries like the UK and Canada also are major sources of web traffic.​

Quote from James:

So I made a big decision - I would only sell online. I talked to a few people in the industry who told me I was making a big mistake and that I would go broke within the month. Apparently, online selling was only for companies with 'real' shops. But the problem was that 'real' shops weren't interested in my clothes! So I went online. And that’s where we have been ever since. 🙂

James Lillis

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My Biggest Takeaways...

I think James has one of the coolest story ever.

I mean, to just randomly buy a sewing machine, put some things together and sell it?

And interestingly, he did try to go the "conventional" route of going to retailers to put up his products.

And he learnt that instead of ​relying on gatekeepers, he could in fact build a huge following online by making the decision to sell online only.

And in turn, he has hence built a mammoth of an empire by it, while keeping through to having this direct relationship with his customers.

This truly inspires me, in that you never know what you're truly capable of.

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