Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out this site.

On most websites, this page is usually the place where the creator of the site shares a little of his/her story on what made him start this site, what drove him.

And naturally, he also shares his name and picture.​

Now, I'll love to share that and more with you.

Unfortunately however, I CAN'T do that.

Not on this page at least.

You've got to understand, I started a website called "TiredofmyDayJob".

And I'm still working in a day job, and my colleagues are on my Facebook and Linkedin.

So I've got an idea. (see below)​

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I'll love to share my story and my motivations with you through email though.

Besides that, I'll also send you a compilation of ​4 inspiring stories and people who have escaped the rat race and living off an "alternative income".

​This also grants you access into the "inner circle" where I share with you great stories from time to time, that you can refer to.

How does that sound?​