Do you own watches?

At my previous job, my ex-colleague introduced me to the world of watches, and there is no turning back.​

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About this Site

aBlogtoWatch is the world's most popular watch blog.

They provide watch enthusiasts with reviews, watch buying guides and is a thriving watch community online.

Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 to showcase his passion for watches.

Since then, he has grown the watch community to 1.5 million views per month on his site. That's pretty amazing.


~ 1,500,000
Website Views / mth

Facebook Fans

Startup Story

Ariel Adams graduated in 2004 from the University of Arizona with a degree in Communication.

He then completed his legal education in 2007, receiving a J.D. at Golden Globe University School of Law, and also passed the California bar exam in 2007.​

So what's a legal attorney going to do?​

Well.. he started a blog.

But not about law, mind you.. but about watches.​

Ariel got himself deep into watches when he was about 20 in college. His passion and interest made him find out as much information as there is possible out there.

Originally started as "" in 2007, he didn't know that it was to become an "all watch website".

Just a couple of weeks into it, it became obvious to him that it was going to be focused on writing about the subject of ' watches'.

While he blogged exclusively about watches for many years, it was only in 2012 that he made the name change to "aBlogtoWatch".

It has since grown into the highest traffic website in the world which is dedicated to writing about timepieces.​

Watch Reviews (Completely Independent)

aBlogtoWatch is fundamentally a blog about watches.

Watch reviews form an integral part of its founding history, but also its continued allure to watch enthusiasts to this day.

Reviews of the latest Hublot, Panerai? - Check.

Apple Watch? - Ok we'll include that as well.​

Since aBlogtoWatch has grown to its tremendous presence, it is critical to note that all the watch reviews on the site are completely INDEPENDENT.

This means that none of the editors or people at aBlogtoWatch receive any compensation in cash or kind for writing these reviews.

That assures the viewers that the reviews are authentic, and not biased in any way.

Watch Buying Guides

Just got your bonus, and looking to reward yourself?

Or looking to buy someone else a present?

Watch buying guides are the perfect place to start.Looking to buy yourself a present?

Start from your budget:

$1,000 & under - Entry Level Luxury Watches

$1,000 to ​$20,000 - Mid-Range Luxury Watches

$20,000 & above: High-End Luxury Watches​

There's surely something for every one.

Win a watch!

Giveaways are a great way to engage and excite a community.

Once a month, aBlogtoWwatch gives away a watch to 1 lucky winner.

It's really simple to join the giveaway.

Simply add a comment on each giveaway page with a valid email address... and you stand a chance to win!​

How sweet is that for watch lovers!

How it Makes Money

So if Ariel is giving away so much free content (and even watches!), how does the site make make any money?


Advertisements on

Being the watch site with the highest web traffic has its perks.

Many eyeballs = advertising opportunities.​

Since this site is all about watches, it makes sense that the advertisers are all watch related

Check out this Header Ad at the top of the page for Montblanc watches:

Header Ad

Sidebar Ads

And here are some Sidebar Ads:

Even the ads relating to serviced apartments in Basel relate to an upcoming watch event in Basel itself.​

aBlogtoWatch manages its ad campaigns through an advertising sales partner (Media Interlink SA in Switzerland), which makes sense, since its all about Swiss watches.

How It Is Doing

It's doing great since its early days in 2007, thank you very much.

With such a massive following online, audience glued to the latest and hottest watch reviews (not to mention a chance to win a giveaway), there are just massive advertising opportunities.

1500000 pageviews / mth

Less than one-third of traffic comes from the US (the love of watches transcends boundaries after all).

The 2 next large countries are ​United Kingdom, and Singapore and Canada (tied).

To this day, Ariel continues to be the Managing Editor, and there are articles that are still produced/attributed to him.

At the same thing, he can't do everything by himself, and he has since amassed a large team of editors

Quote from Ariel:

The ultimate reward for being an entrepreneur isn't profit, because in all likelihood by the time you make enough money worth celebrating you'll be too tired to be up for it. The reward you are seeking is autonomy - to be responsible for your status in life and to feel like you earned it.

Ariel Adams

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My Biggest Takeaways...

I really enjoy learning about Ariel's story.

Just because you are trained in a profession (law in his case), doesn't mean that you love it, and want to do it as a job.

His love for watches​ took center stage instead, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't regret starting aBlogtoWatch one bit.

How about you? What's your love or passion?

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