4 Inspiring Stories of Real People Making an Alternative Living

This ebook contains the stories for 4 inspiring people who have found an alternative path to making a living outside of a day job. 

Why this eBook?

The world is full of people who are unhappy with their day job (like me), and others who have fun the way to escape the rat race.

I came across these stories when I was trying to find my "way out", and decided that this might also be of interest to others as well.

1. REAL STORIES - This ebook covers stories of real people who have inspired me in my search to escape the rat race. Each and every story is a true story.

2. INSPIRATION - How often do we go about our day to day uninspired. Let these stories inspire you and open up your eyes.

3. KNOW-HOW - We not only want to know their stories, but also how they did it. This ebook also includes the various revenue methods that these individuals employ so we can learn from them.

Who am I?

I started compiling stories of people who escape their day jobs, because I'm trying to do the same thing. Let's learn from them together!

- Ray Tan