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Read and learn from these 4 inspiring stories of real people making a living outside of a day job.
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The world is full of inspiring people living amazing lives…

..people who live their lives on their own terms, doing what they love, and loving every minute of it. People like these…

Jeff Cavaliere

Jeff teaches people the science behind body building and sells training programs.

Dr Axe

Dr Axe provides tremendous value online with his advice on natural remedies and healthy food.

Mike Jackness

Mike Jackness sells adult coloring books and created a massive following of coloring enthusiasts!

James Lillis

James created a movement selling his self-created leggings, to the tune of a multi-million dollar empire.

John Michaloudis

John used the technical skills he learnt at his job, and created an income teaching others.

Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter founded a site dedicated to custom motorcycles enthusiasts.

My mission is to be inspired daily and share inspiration…

As we go along our day jobs, we do need to find inspiration in our every day. What better inspiration is there but to read stories of these people and hopefully be inspired to create our own path?

Some comments from the community…

The ultimate reward for being an entrepreneur isn’t profit, because in all likelihood by the time you make enough money worth celebrating you’ll be too tired to be up for it. The reward you are seeking is autonomy – to be responsible for your status in life and to feel like you earned it. No one but self-made people have the type of confidence and charisma we so value in society.

Ariel Adams


Don’t wait for a job or an opportunity, assuming that will be the way you become known or successful or begin to make money. As an artist or creator you just need to start where you are with what you have. It’s easy to make excuses about why we can’t start something now, but you don’t have to have everything perfect to just begin.

No one can take responsibility for your ideas and dreams but you. So just start.


Hello Holiday

We can change our lives. We can do, have and be exactly what we wish.

Tony Robbins

Life Success Coach

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